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Headshot of Mindy Flanigan Founder and CIO of Inspiring HR Virginia.

Mindy Flanigan

Founder &
Chief Inspiration Officer (CIO)

Mindy Flanigan

Mindy Flanigan loves simple. After 20 years of working in the HR Outsourcing Industry, she grew impatient and concerned about the stigma that small businesses had about Human Resources: HR was too complex. Mindy was inspired to change that and saw an opportunity to un-complicate the complicated.

In 2007, she founded Inspiring HR to specialize in employee management basics for small business and developed a service model to keep her and her team accountable: HR-SURE. Human Resource service that is Simple, Understandable, Relevant and Empowering.

She’s shy on the inside but Mindy is outspoken and passionate about helping Inspiring HR clients with labor law compliance and best practice decision-making. She believes there must be a “balanced” approach to this, and often describes HR as more of an art than a science.

Mindy’s passion for small business HR has transformed her into someone who loves to lead, coach and train. Training may even run in the family. Her husband is a former IronMan, an Endurance Sports Coach for triathletes, and is a high school Health and PE teacher.

When Mindy’s not clearing the clutter of perceptions on HR, she’s clearing the clutter in her home. One dog, one cat, and one adorable daughter keep her house busy and her heart full.