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In most business models, with the right
leadership and infrastructure, remote
work can be scaled, sustained,
leveraged and profitable.

We are living, breathing proof that
remote work, works!

When seeking guidance, you always hope to place your trust in “SMEs”; subject matter experts. Inspiring HR knows a thing or two about remote work environments. We are, and always have been, a 100% remote business model; 10 employees distributed throughout the country in a manner that best meets the HR needs for our 100+ customers nationwide.


Yes, you can have a
great culture, even
when everyone is
remote all the time.


Top 5 Pieces of Advice

Our advice with any work environment, but especially those that have all or a portion of their employees working remote, is to:


Evaluate your needs


Set a plan


Find the resources


Secure the tools


Establish the policies and processes

Our Remote Services

Inspiring HR clients not only benefit from our first-hand experiences and insights, they have access to a full suite of resources designed for and dedicated to managing remote workforces. Advice is personalized and template material are customized, according to brand, needs and goals, because no two businesses are the same!

Employee Handbook, for the fully remote

Whether you have been leveraging a remote workforce for a long time, or only recently made the transition, a different work environment demands different leadership approaches, policies, and special considerations for liability, equipment use and cybersecurity. Our dedicated Remote Work Employee Handbook addresses the needs for employers and employees alike as your organization demonstrates how working remote is a successful and competitive business model.


“Mixed” Workforces - Remote and On-Site employees

Not every industry can work fully remote, and for those clients who need to address remote segments of their employees while still operating others on-site, we offer adapted policies, Handbook Addendums, and Guides that help small businesses navigate the different management approaches while keeping the workforce unified.


Not Sure How to Onboard and Manage Remote Workers?

Out of sight should not mean out of mind. Hiring and onboarding new remote workers that are set up to succeed takes careful planning, a clear understanding of expectations and a commitment to recurring connectivity and support, from leaders and co-workers.

bulletNeed job descriptions, procedures, guidance and checklists for interviewing, selecting, and onboarding remote employees? We’ve got them!


bulletNeed to understand and mitigate risks for equipment, network and software resources, and intellectual and cyber security? We can help you uncover your weaknesses and guide you toward solutions.


Are your Leaders Prepared to Manage Remote Workers?

Buy-in and support from leadership is key. Leaders who have historically believed employees who work remote are not actually working will need a lot of help to change that mindset. If your management team has difficulty with trust, would rather manage processes instead of people or can’t clearly communicate and manage projects remotely, your remote workforce doesn’t stand a chance at success. Inspiring HR is prepared with Management Training, available to help leaders embrace shifts in how employees work by understanding how to make it all work.