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Our HR Difference

When you partner with Inspiring HR, you’re teaming up with certified human resource professionals who prioritize your culture, needs and success above all else. Our team of consultants understand the unique challenges that small business owners and leaders face, which is why we offer personalized HR solutions tailored to your exact needs. By leveraging our HR consulting services, you will gain access to a wealth of knowledge, resources, and support that empowers you to make informed decisions to move your business forward.

What’s the Difference
Why Work With Inspiring HR

Who You Work With

Dedicated HR professional

Call center, online chat, or self-service

HR Certifications

HRCI and SHRM Accredited Certifications

Often comes at a higher cost

Response Time

Same-day response guarantee

Days to weeks


Routine, at no extra cost

Typically billed by the hour


In-use materials with brand standard consistency

Universal templates, often filled with legalese


Proactive collaborators who help you prioritize needs

Reactive (call when there is a problem)


Personalized recommendations for gray-area situations

Depends on who you talk to
and years of experience

Compliance Interpretation

Easy-to-understand labor law compliance

Complex jargon or unnecessary legalese

Multi-State Labor Laws

Personalized help based on your state(s) of employment

Mass newsletters and notices

Law Change Monitoring

Proactive change managers and outreach specific to your industry

Reactive “read it on your own”


Keeping what you invest in up-to-date

If available, and only upon request


Supplemental services available as needs arise

Generally not available

At Inspiring HR, we don’t just tell you what to do, we help you do it.

Ready to join the growing community of small business leaders who trust Inspiring HR to provide them with the HR support they need to thrive in today’s competitive landscape? You’re one click away.