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Headshot of Kim Sink HR Consultant for Inspiring HR Virginia.

Kim Sink

HR Consultant – VA

Kim Sink

Kim Sink graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in finance, despite not actually loving the subject. After a few years in banking, she landed a gig at The Martin Agency where she spent the next decade in advertising. After working in finance and accounting, she loved the business side of things, but knew she was meant to help people, which ultimately landed her in HR.

As a Talent Resources Manager and HR Consultant, Kim has built equitable and transparent performance review processes from the ground up. Her skill to re-examine systems, dismantling and rebuilding them where necessary helps give voice to those in historically marginalized groups. Kim’s superpowers including having an innate ability to break down and explain things – a big plus for simplifying HR. In addition to being a strategic big-picture thinker, Kim thrives in onboarding/offboarding, employee relations, performance, culture, employee engagement and experience, and belonging, representation, and justice (traditionally DEI).

Kim grew up in Chester (Enon to be exact), and on the tennis courts of Thomas Dale High School met her high school sweetheart, Daniel.  They now have 7-year-old twin girls, so her activities revolve around raising them up to be good humans. In her down time, Kim loves to play games and binge watch TV shows. Oh, and cheer on the Hokies.